The 12 Best Shaving Creams for the Smoothest Skin Ever

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Shaving is a regular part of many of our shower routines, but the only thing more important than using a sharp, clean razor is using the right shaving cream. Not only does it help prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs, but it also nourishes skin and makes your daily (or weekly…) shave all the more pleasant.

“Some women love the experience of using a shaving cream, including seeing and feeling the lather on their skin, and smelling the great fragrance,” explains Elizabeth Compo, Senior Product Research Scientist for Venus. “It’s an opportunity to sneak in some quick self-care even during a regular shower.” To help you achieve smooth, bump-free skin, we rounded up 12 of the best shaving creams, gels, and bars to try—for every part of your body.

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Best for Legacy

Athena Club

Cloud Shave Foam

Best for Bikini Line


2-in-1 Cleanser + Shave Gel for Pubic Hair & Skin

Best Shaving Bar


ceramide + jojoba oil shaving bar

Best for Dry Skin

Yes the People

Moisturizing Shave Gel-to-Milk

Best for Face

The Skinny Confidential

Hot Shave Cream

Best Shave Gel


Foaming Shave Gel

Best for Sensitive Skin


Therapeutic Shave Gel with Oat and Vitamin E

Best Drug Store


Shave Cream

Best Shave Butter


Coco Cloud Luxury Shave Butter

Best for Preventing Ingrowns


Moisturizing Shave Cream

Best Waterless


Shave Pillow Moisturizing Body Gel

Best Unscented

Dr. Bronner’s

Organic Shaving Soap (Unscented)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does shaving cream actually do?

According to Compo, using a shave prep product provides two key factors to make your shave more comfortable and help prevent irritation. “Technically speaking, it provides hydration (to soften hair and skin, which helps reduce the amount of force it takes the razor to cut through the hair during the shave,” she says. It also provides lubrication: “Just the right amount of slipperiness between the blades and skin—which helps the razor glide across the surface of the skin yet lets you stay in control of the razor during the shave.”

Is it ok to shave without shaving cream?

It’s not recommended. “Not using a shaving cream can lead to shaving irritation—including the feeling of scraping, or tugging and pulling at hair—which can result in redness and discomfort,” Compo says. And using a product designed specifically for shaving is key: “Even substituting a product that you grab from your shower in place of a shaving cream (eg your regular soap) could be more drying to your skin or may not stay in place as well to help protect from irritation during the shave.”

What else can you do pre- and post-shave to prevent ingrown hairs and help keep skin smooth?

Wherever you shave, it’s good to exfoliate first. “Similar to other parts of the parts of the body, when shaving the pubic area I always recommend exfoliating beforehand and in between shaves to protect against ingrown hairs,” says Compo. “Incorporating an exfoliator like Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Smoothing Exfoliant helps to loosen and sweep away old skin cells and oils that can trap hair.”

Post-shave care is just as important. “It is important to keep the sensitive pubic skin hydrated, as that will help reduce itch. Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Daily Soothing Serum supports the natural renewal process of the skin’s surface with lactic acid to help reduce buildup of dead skin cells, which can also help prevent ingrowns,” says Compo.

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