Hot Hatch Showdown: Throttle House Pits The 2023 Honda Civic Type R Against The Competition

James and Thomas from the YouTube channel Throttle House declare that it is “hatchback day” at the beginning of a video that compares the 2023 Honda-Civic Type R against its hot hatch competition.

The quick Honda takes on the Ford Focus RS and the Volkswagen Golf R as well as the previous generation of itself in a series of races to prove which is the fastest on the drag strip, the track, and in a roll race.

Hot Hatch Comparison

They set out first to compare a 2023 Honda Civic Type R against a previous generation Type R in an old vs new comparison test, the most recent of these tests on the channel got done on the Toyota GR86.

The new Honda Civic Type R is slightly heavier than the previous generation, has slightly more horsepower and slightly more torque with the same engine. All things considered, there is really no guarantee that the new one will win as the changes between generations are ultimately made for the track and not necessarily for a straight-line race.

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In the first race down the drag strip, it’s a competitive race that has the new Civic taking the win. To explain this, one conclusion is that on the older Type R uses lower-quality tires to its detriment.

Next, the blue, older Civic Type R wins and additionally wins a third time, leading to additional races with switched drivers to confirm that the old Type R is faster in a straight line than its newer version.

With the older Civic removed from the track and the 2023 white Type R up to bat against the Ford Focus RS and Volkswagen Golf R, the Ford and VW take initial early leads and hold them throughout the race. The VW and the Ford finish at nearly the exact same time, both beating the Type R.

Track Times And Final Verdicts

Hot Hatch Comparison
Via: YouTube – Throttle House

In a roll race, the Civic Type R takes the win and leads throughout the majority of the length of the strip. In this race, the lighter, front-wheel drive weight of the Civic plays to its advantage and it wins against its competitors.

When it comes to track time comparisons, the Focus RS gets eliminated as it has older brakes and tires than the other vehicles, giving it an unfair disadvantage. In a comparison between both Civic Type Rs and the Golf R, the Golf R comes in on the track time leaderboard at 114.48 while the older Civic Type R comes in at 114.41 and the newer Type R puts a 113.55 time on the board, proving that the newer one results in a slightly better track time than the older Type R and also bests the Golf.

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In reviewing the generations of the Type R, the major changes are the exterior appearance, interior and rear wing but otherwise, the cars are quite similar to drive. They wish they had a Toyota GR Corolla to compare as well but the availability of the car right now is extremely limited.

They feel that the interior is the most comfortable and usable among the hot hatches but compare the Type R to the Hyundai Elantra N and conclude it’s a competitive battle. While the Elantra N is a sedan instead of a hatchback, it offers similar performance specs.

Overall, they like the Volkswagen Golf R a lot due to its all-wheel drive capabilities and well-rounded nature. However, they have a great deal of appreciation for the Civic Type R and the Hyundai Elantra N, particularly when price point comes into consideration.

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