Here’s What Chip Foose From Overhaulin’ Is Up To Now

In America’s car builder world, there’s probably one name that stands head and shoulders above most, even with all the new builders on the scene. And that name is Chip Foose. The car designer/builder shot to fame on the Discovery Channel reality show Overhaulin’, which ran for 10 seasons from 2004 to 2020.

Foose’s latest win comes from SEMA 2022. And that’s even though he didn’t enter a custom build of his own in the famous car build-off. Foose was given the honor of being named the official artist of SEMA going forward. He was asked to create artwork for the annual aftermarket trade show in Las Vegas for 2022, and beyond.

Chip Foose, who’s often said, “When you love what you do, you never go to work. You go to play”, is still very much at play. He still runs a successful design/build shop, Foose Designs, based in Huntington Beach, California, with his own YouTube channel that documents the builds. Foose also designs and markets his own line of custom wheels under the Foose Wheels banner. That’s apart from a successful Foose art design and merchandise line. Foose also hosts a series on Hagerty, where he re-imagines classic cars with a modern twist. While many would imagine that Overhaulin’ is all there is to Chip Foose, there’s clearly much, much more.

Here’s what Chip Foose, the star car designer/builder from Overhaulin’ is up to now.

Foose Design Picks Up Where Overhaulin’ Left Off

Chip Foose started Foose Design in 1984 while he was working with another legend of the industry, Boyd Coddington of Hot Rods by Boyd fame. Foose didn’t just learn on the job, he’s graduated from the famous The ArtCenter College of Design. Other notable alumni include the likes of the Aston Martin DB9-designer Henrik Fisker, McLaren 570S-designer Frank Stephenson and ex-BMW design chief, Chris Bangle to name a few. Foose became the youngest member of the Hot Rod Hall of Fame when he was inducted into it in 1999, at age 31.

Foose Designs specializes in illustration, graphics, ideation, and model making all the way up to surfacing and complete construction of cars. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Overhaulin’, you know pretty much exactly what Foose Designs does. Except for the fabricated drama that went into it to make it a hit reality TV show, of course.

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Foose Designs creates custom cars for customers, keeping the Foose signature style alive. Foose builds stay true to the original car’s lines, but carry a modern twist in the form of cleaner details, and modern wheels. Of course, that’s backed up by Foose’s meticulous attention to detail. We for one can’t wait to see one of Foose’s current projects, a re-imagined 1962 Chevrolet Corvette, come to life. One of his most recent builds, the Marcel roadster, was on display at SEMA 2022 and shows that Foose has definitely still got it.

Eleanor Ford Mustang From Gone In 60 Seconds
via: Mecum

Foose also creates cars for Hollywood movies. Chip was recently reunited with one of his most recognized movie cars, the Shelby Mustang GT500 created for Gone in 60 Seconds, nicknamed Eleanor.

Your Car Can Have A Bit Of Chip Foose On It With Foose Design Wheels

Foose Design Wheels Crank
via Foose Design Wheels

If you don’t quite have budgets as tall as a Hollywood production house, or as deep pockets as the enthusiasts who enlist Foose Designs, you can still own a Foose piece. Foose Design Wheels are designed by Chip Foose himself, and manufactured by MHT Wheels and Metalsport Wheels.

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Made to a high quality, Foose Design Wheels are available as single piece cast, two piece cast, monoblock forged and milled wheels. Unlike some big-name designer wheels, Foose Design Wheels also seem to be backed up by the technology to go with their lightweight designs. For cars, trucks and motorcycles, most designs are available in a wide range of sizes, too. Granted, a lot of the designs would look more at home on classic cars, but there really is something for everyone. Even for other manufacturers, it seems. Foose Design Wheels are quite often reproduced because they’re that classic.

Foose Merchandise Shows You’re A Petrolhead With Taste

There’s still more for Foose fans. The merchandise is tasteful, classic, and you can own a “Foose piece” on a budget. Everything from caps to T-shirts are on offer, just like the stuff Chip Foose himself can often be seen wearing.

More than just that, Foose also sells official reprints of the sketches of his builds. Watching Foose create a sketch in just a matter of minutes is nothing short of magic. And while the originals are held onto by Foose himself, or go to the client, the official reprint is the next best thing.

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