Genomics, microbiome analysis and biomarker sensing to transform personalized beauty: Expert

Maturation of digital technologies had started to unlock new opportunities for “transformative personalization in mainstream beauty”,​according to UK science and engineering specialist Sagentia Innovation, part of Europe’s largest technology cluster Cambridge. More specifically, advances in genomics, microbiome analysis and biomarker sensing were creating significant promise for industry, it said.

A ‘holistic approach to wellness’

Camilo Cardenas, principal consultant for the consumer sector at Sagentia Innovation, said opportunities in consumer wellness were especially prominent, as was promised in skin care.

“The biggest shift in consumer behavior we are currently seeing is that beauty equals to wellness,”​ Cardenas told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.

“It’s not just about makeup and beauty treatments anymore, but a holistic approach to wellness which incorporates beauty, personal care and nutrition. Genomics, microbiome analysis and biomarker sensing all help to develop this correlation,” he said.

“…We have seen the pace of development increasing in recent years, and access to these technologies has improved considerably. As understanding grows, we are likely to see more disruption in several areas, such as consumer wellness.”

Nutrigenomics, for example, was “developing rapidly”​ off the back of advances made in using genomics for cancer diagnosis and treatment, he said, and the new area of ​​interest was to integrate genes, nutrition and health.

Skin care was another category set to benefit from advances in these technologies, Cardenas said, adding fresh angles to the understanding of how environmental factors, such as hormones, physical health and internal organs, impacted skin health.

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