Activ’Inside targets hyperpigmentation with Champagne grape nutricosmetic

Based near Bordeaux in southwestern France, the company upcycles the by-products of grapes from the northeastern Champagne region, which it says are up to five times richer in beneficial and bioavailable monomers than other Vinifera​ varieties.

Regulating melanin production

In speaking with NutraIngredients-USA at the recent SupplySide West trade show, Benoit Lemaire, CEO and co-founder at Activ’Inside, explains that Belight3​ was developed to respond to the interest in the Asian market for an oral supplement that specifically targets the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

“When presenting our first nutricosmetic SkinAx2​ in Asia, most of the focus was on the melanin spot benefits, and this led to the development of Belight3​,” he said. “In Asia, skin ages differently. Spots appear first and wrinkles after the age of 50, whereas skin wrinkles first in Caucasian populations.”

belight3​ builds on the SkinAx2​ beauty-from-within formulation developed for skin radiance, combining grape flavonol monomers, licorice extract, Vitamin C and grape viniferin. Activ’Inside attributes the regulation of melanin synthesis to the synergistic interaction between ingredients, particularly Vitamin C and the flavonols from the grape pomace.

The science and the synergy

The company’s research to date shows that the Belight3​ formulation acts through its ability to inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme involved in melanin production, with an in-house in vitro study demonstrating an 85% reduction in tyrosinase activity.

A usage study, which administered a 300 mg daily dose of Belight3 ​to 100 participants over a 60-day evaluation period, reported a 30% reduction in dark spots related to age, 40% to sun exposure and 27% to pregnancy mask.

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